Lent 2019

Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness

Our Lenten journey continues this second week. Time begins to fly past as we look forward to Holy Week. But perhaps as the routine of our promises settles in, we become a little complacent. On the other hand, we might find that we bit off more than we could chew with so many good intentions. Or perhaps we didn’t really give much thought to what to do, or not to do, for Lent this year. Whatever the state of our journey we still have time to take a step back and reflect on how things are going. Perhaps we would do well in re-reading the Grand Master’s Lenten message and pay attention to the little details. In fact, in a world full of distractions, where apps, work, people, family, adverts, alerts, news feeds and tweets (to name a few) all clammer for our attention, it’s the small things that might just help refocus our mind, heart and sight to Christ. After all, little details can often add up to great things.